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U.S. Federal Certification Label
08-08-2019, 08:23
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RE: U.S. Federal Certification Label
Jerry, they didn't accept the VIN label, did they? AZ wants to see the US Certification Label. On an XL it may be beside the driver's seat, on the engine control box, or just inside the passenger side engine door, and possibly elsewhere.
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08-08-2019, 18:35
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RE: U.S. Federal Certification Label
This has been a learning experience......
Back to DMV for a second time with the bus. After they checked their boxes to confirm the identification labels, VIN and US Certification label with the VIN printed on it. DMV asked me for the import papers from The Department of Homeland Security U.S. Customs and Border Protection....."What, I purchased the bus in Arizona, why would I need import documents”. Well, I did not know the bus was titled in Canada. The owner was Canadian and stayed in AZ in the winter. While he was there, he decided to sell the bus by consigning it at Premium Coach Group. I really feel this should have been disclosed in the sale. Anyway, I ended up having to go to Homeland Security Border Patrol where they informed me that since the “bill of Sale” was from Premium Coach Group and the title is in the previous owners name, they cannot import it due to a break in the “chain of custody”. Then I was told that since the bus was illegally sold in the US, they have the right to seize it. Long story short, I had to get a customs broker involved. The broker was able to do all the necessary paperwork an import the bus properly. Lesson learned, never buy a vehicle that is not titled in the US and make sure you ask the dealer you are buying it from where the vehicle is titled. So back to the DMV…. They verified the bus again and checked their boxes, but this time they ask for an emission control label. OMG!!!! Luckily, we found it in the engine compartment so they were able to check off that box too. They ended up issuing me license plates and informed me that the title will be mailed. Two days ago I received the title and across the top, it states *** SUSPENSE CUSTOMER COPY ***. Not suspend, but suspense. No note or letter explaining what "suspense" means and what action is required....Two steps forward, 1 step back.....

That aside, we are loving the bus…..the PO’s really did a good job taking care of her.

Jerry Kocher
1998 Prevost 40XL Vantare
1987 PT38 (8V92) "The Wayward Bird"
San Francisco, CA
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