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Silver 8v xl pricing
09-03-2020, 16:26 (This post was last modified: 09-03-2020 16:29 by fasteddie313.)
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Silver 8v xl pricing
I am interested in buying a prevost xl (eventually) with a silver series 8v92, mostly because that is what I think will fit my budget..

I see them priced mostly between $50k to $120k but some as low as $30k at times..

What is the market actually like?
Is this one of those things where they are always/mostly listed quite high and usually accept offers quite lower? Or are these pretty close to actual selling price?

For example.. If I am looking at one listed for around $80-$90k on rvtrader or something, could I reasonably expect to actually buy it for closer to $60k? Or are their asking prices actually pretty close to what one should expect to actually pay for them?

Are a lot of people still buying these older busses?
I expect buyers to be somewhat few and far between due to the intimidation of maintaining something with so much age on it and possible hidden problems.. As in I expect most people to be more comfortable buying a newer coach in the same price range, just because it’s newer..

I on the other hand am more looking for the quality of something to stand the test of time and basically last forever, and be worth continuous maintenance and upkeep well into the future.. I have an appreciation for quality and not so much appreciation for modernism..

I expect to be traveling a lot for work and am looking at one of these to lock in to secure a “home base” to come back to, or as a residence incase I end up disabled or something for whatever reason.. I have nice family property/estate to put one at basically no cost and would be much less hassle than trying to build yet another house with more property tax increases and all that complication..
Instead of putting in another well and septic I think I could run a small water line to slowly fill tanks from the existing well and just occasionally drive it to the existing septic to dump the black tank when needed..
Do some concrete to park it on and have one of those carport roofs put on it..

I’d like to be more towards $60k or lower with a pretty decent body and interior but am not so much looking for meticulous mechanical maintenance records and recent thorough mechanical servicing, because that is basically what I do..

Are these financeable if I put about 50% down? Or not so much financeable at all?

Tl;dr: actual trading prices vs listing prices..

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