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Full Version: Favorite tools
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Anyone have any favorite tools? Here's one from me:

Some time ago I bought an Xminilab Portable Oscilloscope and I couldn't be happier. Funded by kickstarter in 2013 and developed by Gabriel Anzziani of Gabotronics, this little device is a waveform generator, a digital logic analyzer, and an oscilloscope wrapped in an enclosure that you can hold in the palm of your hand. (3.17" x 2.22" x 0.7"). For those of us with more complex digital electronics on board (Country Coach's electronic cabinet comes to mind), this little device is indispensable. When a multimeter just isn't enough, for $118 this device can't be beat; I never leave home without it: (NFI)

I like it, This unit will do what $10 K Oscilloscope can at a fraction of the cost. Thank you, I as an ME use a 6 in. Digital Caliper with SAE and Metric Fractional Readings, can be found at you locate Harbor Freight for $19.00. Don't leave home without it!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Hish, I'll was wondering how you have the dimensions of every tank sentry o-ring committed to memory! LOL! Now I know your secret. Both tools allow us to see what the human eye alone cannot. I'll take your advice and add the micrometer to my toolbox.
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